Native Wicks Platinum Organic Cotton

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Native Wicks Platinum Organic Cotton

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Native Wicks Organic Cotton

Native Wicks Platinum is a premium grown in the USA. Hand- crafted from its birth in the field and through our produc.on process, it is rigidly cared for and inspected before eventually making it to the inside of your atomizer.

Native Wicks Platinum Cotton is 100% premium Pima cotton grown in the USA, Arizona to be exact. The Pima Native American Indians helped cultivate this strain of cotton in the 1900's hence its given name "Pima" and ours, Native Wicks. From its birth in the field through many production steps it's rigorously cared for and inspected before eventually making it inside of your atomizer. Through our strenuous process each piece of Native Wicks cotton is hand crafted and designed specifically for the use of vaping—this is not your normal re-packaged cotton. Our premium pima cotton contains zero pesticides, natural oils, or plant matter found in most other brands of cotton that aren't intended for vaping use. Native Wicks cotton has very little to no break in period and extremely clean taste. Pima cotton fibers are the most durable and absorbent cotton fibers on earth.

Native Wicks is one of the cleanest vaping cottons in the industry which helps to insure the ultimate vaping experience for our customers.

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