Mint Flavour Diamond Mist 10ml E Juice

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Mint Flavour Diamond Mist E Juice / E Liquid (10ml)

Mint Flavour Diamond Mist E Juice / E Liquid

Diamond Mist has a secret formula and its own secret recipe to get the best vapour and flavour from their e juice and liquid range. Diamond Mist e Liquids are a blend of flavour concentrate, PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) and if required a nicotine. The VG is the ingredient that gives you the cloud or the vapour and the PG is the part that gives you the throat hit, The flavour concentrate is the part of the e juice mix that produces the flavour in this case mint e juice and the nicotine is the bit that helps take away the craving for those trying e cigarettes as an alternative to smoking.

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0mg nicotine
6mg nicotine
12mg nicotine
18mg nicotine

All Bottles Of Diamond Mist E Juice Contain 10ml Of E Liquid.

Diamond Mist products do not contain tobacco, tar or harmful substances. They can also be used indoors; in locations that traditional cigarettes, shisha and hookah products otherwise could not. All industry standard warning labels are included indicating the nature of the product, child proof caps as well as raised tactile warning labels for the visually impaired.

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