Battery Safety

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Safety instructions and warnings

With all the recent bad press about e cigarettes not being safe and many causing explosions it is imperative that you understand why you should only charge your batteries with correct charging apparatus.

As with all electrical items care should be taken when charging these devices. VAPEandeCigStore urge our customers to only use the chargers we supply with our e-cigarette products as we have taken all care to ensure our chargers and batteries are completely compatible at all times. Should you need an additional or replacement charging items, please check our chargers section on the website, rather than through any third party.

Some of the guidelines you should stick to without fail are :

  • Never leave a battery on charge overnight
  • Never use any other charger than the one supplied with you e cigarette
  • I Phone charges and other mobile phone chargers should NEVER be used as the output of these chargers is too high and they will overcharge your battery and may cause explosion or fire.
  • Think about where you plug in your charger, behind curtains, in tv cabinets or places where cool vented air is not accessible.
  • Never expose a lithium battery to extreme heat of near water.
  • If your battery ever looks to becoming out of shape, expanding or the top or bottom caps look to be in a worn state, please think about disposing of your batteries in a local recycling centre, And making a new purchase and renewing your batteries for safety reasons.

  • ALWAYS make sure your charger is the correct charger
  • ALWAYS buy from trusted sources
  • ALWAYS remove your battery once charged
  • TEST your smoke alarm regularly (IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE)
  • ALWAYS Use protective box or battery sleeve if transporting batteries in a bag or pocket

  • NEVER use an I Phone, Blackberry or any other phone charger
  • NEVER leave your battery unattended
  • NEVER charge your battery overnight
  • NEVER charge in an un-vented area
  • NEVER charge in an un-vented area
  • NEVER let your battery come into contact with extreme heat
  • NEVER let your battery come into contact with water
  • NEVER use a battery that has received an impact strike
  • NEVER charge near combustible or flammable materials
  • NEVER mix components of different e cigarettes
  • NEVER battery stack for more power
  • NEVER put batteries in your pocket with loose change or keys


Should you need to purchase a fire alarm, we would like to point you to Safelincs website as reccomend by the fire service

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